General Rules of the Forum

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General Rules of the Forum

Post by Mases on Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:00 pm

Hello everyone,
Below are few general rules that all the participants of the forum are expected to follow. However, it is impossible to list everything that we think is required to keep the forum clean. Therefore, we ask you to use common sense to figure out what is wrong and right to post. With that said, these are few rules that we expect everyone to follow:

1. Respect.You are expected to be respectful not only to our staff, but to every person on this forum. Please avoid name calling, aggressive behaviors, threats, verbal attacks, and any other form of behavior that is disrespectful and/or threatening.

2. Topic titles. Make sure you select a thread title that is related to your content. Avoid using short or undescriptive thread titles. Reading a thread title should explain the entire thread in one sentence.

3. Illegal. Keep it safe people. No leaks, software downloads, hacks, piracy, and any other illegal content.

4. Sex and Nudity. These are not allowed under any circumstances. There are many sex and nudity websites and forums out there; we don't want to be copycats, do we?

5. Search. Before you post anything, make sure that someone else has not posted about it already. The search feature is provided to you for free, so take advantage of it and use it wisely.

6. English. This is an English forum. You must use English in all your threads and with all the other members. Even if the other member speaks your language (Other than English), you must still use English in public so everyone could understand the content of your message.

7. Stealing. Do not steal any sort of content from any other website or forum. If you want to quote someone, make sure you give them the proper recognition somewhere in the post. Failing to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban.

8. Accounts. You may only create ONE account. Creating multiple accounts will get all the accounts from the same IP banned without prior warnings. Failing to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban,

9. Advertising. You may not advertise anything on these forums. This is not craigslist.

10. Spamming. Keep your posts consistent and realistic. Do not post the same thing on all threads. Do not spam letters. Do not spam words. Do not spam sentences. Do not spam icons.

11. Sections. We have many forums and sections depending on what's trending in the community, and what our goals and interests are. Please browse all our sections and forums before making a post in a specific forum or subforum. If you cannot find a specific forum or section to post in, post in General Threads section.

12. Texts and Fonts. It is recommended that you use the regular forum font to post your threads that contain text. Italics, bold, underline texts are not to be spammed and are not be used unless need to show emphasis and attention to a specific part of the text. Blue, green, and red texts are reserved for staff members. Cyan, white, and yellow texts are forbidden.

13. Image micros. They are annoying and pointless. If you want to say something, use your verbal and writing skills. Unless the image micro was created by you for a specific post, image micros are forbidden.

14. Admins. They do not need a reason to ban you.

15. Company. The company has a privacy policy and terms of use of our services (including the forums), and they can be viewed here.

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